Posted by Brazzers | On: Mar 08 2012

It looks like Christmas is coming early this year. Starting December 15th, BRAZZERS is going to change the way you watch TV (and perhaps what you wear when you watch TV).

You see, clothing is purely optional in the BRAZZERS universe, particularly in the DD brassiere department. We didn’t build our reputation as the worldwide leader in online smut for nothing. What keeps our millions of fans coming back for more are the ridonkulously sex scenes, nipplicious MILFs, and coed panty raid clips.

And let’s be honest; as fun as it is to see a quick pop shot on your Smartphone, nothing beats watching hardcore action on a big-screen plasma TV! That’s why we’re giving the fans what they want and what they DESERVE! Namely, a 24/7 porn channel broadcasting the hottest titles BRAZZERS has to offer.

DOCTOR ADVENTURES, REAL WIFE STORIES, BIG TITS IN UNIFORM…these movies were MADE for the flatscreen (or better yet those 3D TVs). And we’ve got fresh helpings of them every single night of the week. Yup, there is never a day without a premiere on BRAZZERS TV, we’ve even got double features on Saturdays!

So get to your cable box, turn us on…and we’ll TURN YOU ON right back. The hardcore revolution has begun!

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